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Tournament Poker Rules

Poker rules during MEC Poker Open.

All tournaments during the MEC Poker Open are played by the International Poker Rules. All poker rules can be found on www.internationalpokerrules.com The International Poker Rules believe there should be one standard set of poker rules, global. The poker world faced to many different local, unfair house-rules in the past. This caused a lot of problems for local and international poker players who were facing many different rules in each game they played on various casino-locations. A standard set of poker rules is fair, consistent, transparent and good for the poker player. The International Poker Rules are established in 2008 by professional poker player Marcel Luske. The  vision of the International Poker Rules is “Without the players there is no industry”. That is why the International Poker Rules are established from a player perspective and not an organizer perspective. Website International Poker Rules The website of the IP Rules is very user friendly. Take a quick look at the website and scroll through all the rules. Any questions? Feel free to ask a floor person of the MEC Poker Open.
Poker Rules

Poker Rules

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