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Reservation Terms & Conditions

Reservation terms & Conditions

Our Reservation Terms and Conditions apply to all poker events we organize.
For Terms & Conditions for accommodations please visit: Terms & Conditions accommodation bookings

Article 1: Poker Tournaments

  1. Only natural persons can register for participation in a poker tournament.
  2. In case a participant empowers an other person to register for a poker tournament it is the participants responsibility to be aware of the Reservation terms and conditions.
  3. In order to gain entrance to the casino and thus to participate in a poker tournament the following terms and conditions must be met.
    1. The player must meet the minimum age to enter the casino.
    2. The player must follow the entrance terms & conditions to enter the casino.
    3. The player must comply with the dress code.
    4. The player must not be banned from admission or have a visit limitation imposed under which a new visit by the player new visit by the player would exceed the visit frequence;
  4. The player must obey the stipulations of the house rules, the rules of the game, the gaming act and these Terms and Conditions.
  5. If the Player does not comply with the stipulations of the house rules, the rules of the game, the gaming act and these terms and conditions, MEC Pokerevents has the right to disqualify the player from the poker tournament without prejudice of any of MEC Pokerevents other rights.
  6. If after registering for a poker tournament a player indicates that he will not participate in the poker tournament, or if a player does not turn up at the poker tournament or turns up late or is denied entry to the casino, he will participate as a ‘ghost player’ unless MEC Pokerevents decides to allocate his place to another player. The player will not be entitled to a refund of the registration fee or to compensation for any costs incurred by him, nor to any other compensation.
  7. MEC Pokerevents has the right – without any obligation to compensate loss – to cancel a poker tournament or to make changes, for example to the tournament structure, the number of participants, tournament dates and tournament times.
  8. If MEC Pokerevents cancels a poker tournament, the player is entitled to a refund of the registration fee. MEC Pokerevents is not obliged to refund costs incurred by the player of compensate any other loss.
  9. By registering for the poker tournament, the player gives MEC Pokerevents irrevocable, uncontitional, and royalty-free permission to make or to allow to be made recordings (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Recordings”) of images, sound and film of the poker tournament and to make these recordings fully or partially public and reproduce these in any country, through different tupes of media, including – but not limited to- , radio, television, narrowcasting, internet, newspapers and magazines, to include the editing and re-use of the recordings. In such recordings, the player may be identified by name and made recognisalbe to the public.
  10. By participating in the poker tournament, the player gives MEC Pokerevents irrevocable, uncondtitional and royalty-free permission to provide the various media both at home and internationally with the players’s personal details for the purpose of press coverage of the poker tournament.
  11. Any tickets bought for a pokertournament are strictly personal and cannot be given, sold or transferred to an other player in any other way, without the permission of the tournament staff. Tickts must be show to the tournament staff at the start of a tournament. Only players with one in their name participation ticket can participate in the tournament.
  12. Players are allowed to buy tickets for different starting days of a tournament, but tickets bought are non- refunable. This means in the event a player qualifies for the second day of a tournament the player cannot receive a refund for the ticket which is valid on a later starting day.

Article 2: Cancel procedure and refund policy

  1. Players or participants can cancel their bought tickets by announcing their absence in an e-mail to info@onkpoker.nl. The ticket prize will be refunded minus €15,- administration costs.
  2. Cancelling must be announced at least 24 hours before the start of the registered tournament.

Article 3: Refusal of entry, no participation

  1. MEC Pokerevents can, with no obligation to pay compensation of anuyu kind, refuse a player or participant entry to a casino if:
    1. MEC Pokerevents has a reasonable suspicion that the player or participant will not observe the stipulations of the house rules, the rules of the game, the gaming act and these terms and conditions of MEC Pokerevents; and
    2. MEC Pokerevents believes that it might suffer damage by rendering services to the player or participant. Damage is also taken to mean damage to its image, its good name, as well as damage politically and though publicity.
  2. If the player or participant has provided incorrect or incomplete information to MEC Pokerevents, MEC Pokerevents has the right, depending on the circumstances, to refuse the player or participant entry to a casino and/or exclude the player from participation in the tournament, without any obligation to compensate any loss and without the player or participant being entitled to a refund of the registration/admission fee by MEC Pokerevents.

Article 4: Liability

  1. MEC Pokerevents shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the player or participants in the context of participation in the poker tournament or the making of a reservation, except in cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of MEC Pokerevents. MEC Pokerevents shall never be liable for consequential loss or loss of profit.
  2. MEC Pokerevents shall not be liable for loss suffered by the player if his name or likeness is used by a third party who covers a poker tournament, with or without the consent of MEC Pokerevents.

Article 5: Prizes

MEC Pokerevents shall determine the prize fund for poker tournaments. Prizes will be paid to the winner and cannot be transferred, whether in full or in part, to third parties.

Article 6: Final provisions

  1. All agreements that arise between a player and MEC Pokerevents or a participant and MEC Pokerevents are governed by Dutch law. Any disputes shall be brought before the competent court in Zutphen, the Netherlands.
  2. Any complaints relating to online reservations an payments can be directed to: info@mecpokerevents.nl
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