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Online Cashgames

Private Online Cashgames on Bwin

Every Sunday starting from 6 pm we are hosting a couple of private online cashgame tables on Bwin. These tables can only be accessed by members of the MEC Poker Open Community. Have you played a satellite to qualify online for the MEC Poker Open in the last 4 weeks? Than you already have access to our private online cashgames tables. If not, you can join the community right now!

Friendly (real name) game

As an organization we believe that it is more fun to play poker if you play with friends and acquaintances or if you are willing to meet new people.​ Because of that we decided to play in this private game with real names. We even have a Whatsapp chatgroup! Click here to join the MEC Poker Open Community Chatgroup.

Stakes and rake

There are two tables with different stakes. The game type on both tables is No Limit Hold’em. The maximum amount of players is 8 players at one table. Bwin provides us private tables with no extra costs for you as a player. Meaning that you pay the standard rake on Bwin for these stakes.

Minimum buy in: $12,50
Maximum buy in: $25

Minimum buy in: $25
Maximum buy in: $50

How can I join?

Would you like to play with other members of the MEC Poker Open Community in a private online cashgame? You can join the community by filling in our sign up form and we’ll give you access to join the tables on Sunday.

Requests will be processed on Saturday. If you sign up on Saturday or Sunday it is possible that you can not play until the next Sunday.

Make sure you have an account on Bwin before you fill in this form! Click here to open an account on Bwin.

Where can I find the tables on Bwin?

If you are granted to play at our online cashgame tables you can find the tables in the Bwin client by following these steps:

  • Open the client and log in with your credentials
  • Select the tab ‘Cash’ in the left upper corner
  • Filter to only 8 seats
  • You will find 2 tables written in yellow:
    • MEC Poker Private Cashgame 1 ($0,10 – $0,25)
    • MEC Poker Private Cashgame 2 ($0,25 – $0,50)
  • Double-click on the table you like to join.

Playing the private cashgame on an Android device is not possible right now.


  • Open the client and log in with your credentials
  • Select the tab ‘Cash Games’ at the top
  • Click on ‘SORT BY’ and select Alphabetically (Z to A).
  • Scroll to the letter M and then you’ll find the MEC Poker Open Cashgame Tables.


Visit our FAQ-page or send an email to info@mecpokeropen.com.

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