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Ronald Tilma wins the $109 MEC Poker Open Online Highroller!!

Ronald Tilma has won the $109 Highroller of the MEC Poker Open Online for $3,840.58.

Dutchman Ronald Tilma has become the big winner of the $109 Highroller of the MEC Poker Open Online. After just over 4 hours of playing poker, he beat his fellow dutchmen Fei Wang in a short heads up match. Ronald Tilma dominated the final table and frequently used his large stack to put pressure on the small stacks.  In the end he didn’t get into any more trouble and was able to take down the Highroller title!

Progress of Day 2

Day 2 started with 39 players of which 36 would come into the money.  Apparently nobody wanted to go home with nothing, because it was a very long moneybubble! the shortstacks kept doubling and stayed in the tournament. After just over half an hour the bubble finally burst. Noel Maesen was stranded on the 37th spot and the rest of the players got into the money. After the bubble burst it went fast with the eliminations. Within a short time we lost a lot of players. Also players like Mark Roovers, Julian Hazelhof, Sam Polo Riva and Kris Leppens who started the day in the top 10 lost all their chips soon after reaching the money! 

Meanwhile, the chipleader at the beginning of Day 2 Jorn Nicolay was eliminated in 12th place for $320.  Other wellknown players who just didn’t make it are: Jan Snetselaar, Carlo Wolters, Peter Dirks and Maarten Verhaegen. Unfortunately for Andre Oude Allink he was the last player to make it to the final table. In the end he could expect a nice amount of $320 on his account!

Final Table

The final table started with 6 Dutch and 2 Belgians and 1 Bulgarian. Dutchman Mark Aelmans started as chipleader at the final table with over 7 million chips. That was almost as much as the e numbers 2 to 5 together! Stephane Allard started as best Belgian at the final table. The final table had a slow start. It took a while before the first player busted. 

The first bustout eventually became old MEC Poker Open champion Domien Deconinck. He made another good run and was able to add $371 to his account. This was followed by the elimination of ‘comeback kid’ Andries van Slooten. Andries always managed to come back with few big blinds and was able to perform well ($443). Unfortunately for the Belgians the curtain fell on the last Belgian Stephane Allard ($578). The 6th place was for Machel Boddeman he added $781 to his account. On the 5th place the Bulgarian audience favourite Metodi Paychev ended. The Bulgarian played an excellent final table and went home with just over $1000. This was followed by the elimination of Mark Aelmans. He started the final table as chipleader but eventually had to settle for a 4th place for $1461.

In the meantime, Ronald was taking all the chips away from his opponents and firmly expanding his chiplead. Ronald used his stack to put maximum pressure on his opponents. In the end it was Fei Wang who eliminated Jeroen van den Berg in 3rd place. His AA remained standing against his opponent’s A10. Jeroen earned $1971 with his nice 3rd place. Ronald Tilma started the heads up with a huge chiplead. After a short heads up Ronald Tilma finally went all in with Q7 of hearts against the KJ of Fei Wang. A Queen on the flop was enough for Ronald and so he was crowned MEC Poker Open Online Highroller champion. Fei Wang had to settle for second place and won $2788. Ronald Tilma won $3840 with his first place!

Livestream Day 2

Could you have missed something anyway? Watch back the live stream from day 2 of the $109 MEC Poker Open Online Highroller here!

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