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Mathias van de Looverbosch wins the $55 MEC Poker Open Online Main Event

Mathias van de Looverbosch has won the $55 Main Event of the MEC Poker Open Online for $3,763.78.

Belgian Mathias van de Looverbosch has become the big winner of the $55 Main Event of the MEC Poker Open Online. After just under 5 hours of playing poker, he beat his fellow Belgian Gert van Meulder in a short heads up match. Although Mathias started as one of the shortstacks at the final table, he managed to draw the tournament to himself with very strong play!

Progress of Day 2

Day 2 started with 65 players of which 64 would come into the money. bwin has been kind enough to make a $109 Highroller ticket available for the ‘bubbleboy’! That ‘bubbleboy’ eventually became Jan Snetselaar. He lost with his QQ to 99 who made a flush on the river. After the river burst it went fast with the bust outs. Within a short time we lost a lot of players and within 3 hours the last 12 players were reached. 

Meanwhile the chipleader of day 1B Wouter de Graaf was eliminated on 15th place for $228. Another deep run for him after his 3rd place last year. Other known players who just didn’t make it are: Mark Jan Baas, Didier Vandoren and Teun Bakker. Unfortunately for Patrick van der Schief he was the last player who couldn’t make it to the final table. In the end he could expect a nice amount of $276 on his account.

Final Table

The final table started with 5 Dutch and 4 Belgians players. Dutchman Justin Herboldt started as chipleader at the final table with more than 10 million chips. That was almost as many as e numbers 5 to 9 together! Dimitri Clauw started as best Belgian at the final table. He started the final table with over 8 million chips.  The final table had a slow start. It took a while before the first player went out. The first player to drop out eventually became Alexander Ruben ($325). After that Andreas Kappert ($382), Dimitri Clauw ($474) and Robert van de Linde ($666) flew out of the tournament respectively. 

Meanwhile, Mathias van de Looverbosch was raking in chips and came close to the bigstacks Justin Herboldt and Glenn Koster. Finally on the 5th place Guido Aelbreachts (the chipleader of day 1A) found his Waterloo. He was able to continue his great performance of day 1A and eventually went home with a nice amount of $917. Meanwhile, interesting hands took place between the remaining players. The players were not afraid to put on the pressure and many 3-bets were made ! In the end it was Justin Herboldt who had to settle for a 4th place. His herocall with a pair of tens turned out not to be enough against the pocket aces of Mathias van de Looverbosch who got a giant chiplead after this hand. Justin Herboldt can look back with satisfaction and may credit $1292 to his account.

The last remaining Dutchman Glenn Koster eventually had to clear the field in 3rd place. He lost with his pocket queens from the trips 5s of the chipleader. Glenn Koster can look back on a good final table and goes home with $1840. The heads up match was short-lived! Mathias van de Looverbosch had a huge chipadvantage on his opponent Gert van Meulder and used it frequently. In the final hand of the tournament Mathias won with a straight to Gert’s set of 8s. Gert got for his 2nd place an amount of $2684. The big winner of the tournament Mathias van de Looverbosch won the title and also got $3763 credited to his account!


Next weekend the $109 Highroller of the MEC Poker Open Online will take place.Yesterday at the satellite, 4 tickets have already been won.  The whole week satellites will take place again at 20:00

Livestream Day 2

Watch the live stream back from day 2 of the $55 MEC Poker Open Online Main Event here!

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