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Interview with reigning champion Domien Decononinck!

In the approach of the upcoming main event we speak with reigning champion Domien Deconinck! Will he defend his title?

Hi Domien how are things going? How have you been lately experiencing the coronavirus and have you been playing poker lately?

It is going very well! The coronavirus makes everything difficult of course. Unfortunately there is no live poker in the casinos anymore, but because I normally play online it’s not a big problem for me. There are a lot of great tournaments online that I can play and I try to play the nicest ones on all the poker sites! Not too high stakes of course because it is still  a hobby for me! It has to stay fun! 

You are of course the reigning champion of the MEC Poker Open. Do you ever think back to your victory and how it went?

Yes, I talk about it with friends soemtimes. Coincidentally, I talked about it with some friends a few days ago. I played the first day online and was already sure of a €300 mincash. I had had a party the night before the final day and had a big hangover. I even doubted if I would go to Spa. I was already happy with €500 and in the end you win the tournament while with 5 men left I had 3 or 4 big blinds. Yes it was unbelievable but true! It may have been the highlight of my poker career, besides winning a Main Event package of PCA 10 in the Bahamas.

Have you been able to do anything special from the first prize?

I bought a super big Samsung TV. The biggest one there was! I also bought a new computer! The rest I just put on my savings account and of course I gave a small party for friends in the local cafe!

Are you going to defend your title and how do you estimate your chances?

Sure I am! I’m really looking forward to playing the MEC Poker Open! I already asked for time off for the live weekend so I can easily play. I have a lot of confidence in my game so I’m hopeful for a good result. We will see. I hope there will be a lot of participants, then it will be a great tournament!

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