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RECAP: Day 2 (Final day!)

Yesterday was the final day of the MEC Poker Open Main Event. 97 of the total 588 players made it to the money and battled on Day 2 for the title and the big trophy!

Day 2 had a livestream were you could follow the action from home. The livestream team of Pokercity BE made sure the tournament was broadcasted very professionaly. You can watch the livestream from yesterday here.

The first pay jumps

The first player who cashed in the MEC Poker Open Main Event was 🇧🇪  Valentin Jeukens. The min cash was €260,-. All the small stacks tried to dubble up at the beginning. Therefore there were a lot of bust outs. Other players with a min cash were 🇳🇱 Emile Cox, 🇧🇪 Bruno Englebert and 🇳🇱 Alex Bor. The first pay jump was after Cenk Oguz busted (72nd). After that 🇳🇱 Pascal Kuijper busted for €346. just as 🇫🇷 Giovanni Dupont and 🇧🇪 Maarten Verhaegen. The last pay jump before the break paid €442. Just before the break we lost 🇧🇪 Jorden Verbraeken, 🇳🇱 Marianne Stomp and runner up from last edition 🇧🇪 Tim Verheyen.

Break 1
42/588 players
Average: 350.000

🇵🇱 Mariusz Maicher – 966.000
🇧🇪 Kris Leppens – 910.000
🇳🇱 Jimmy Deun – 858.000
🇳🇱 Nicky Molmans – 827.000
🇳🇱 Melvin Olierook – 703.000

After the first break there were 42 players left.

Break 2
22/588 players

🇳🇱 Adriaan Quist – 1.255.000
🇧🇪 Wesley Peinen – 1.105.000
🇳🇱 Johannes Maas – 1.080.000
🇳🇱 Stijn Hoogendoorn – 1.050.000

12/588 players

After the dinnerbreak we had 12 players left. Not much later after the start 🇳🇱 Stijn Hoogendoorn (12th), 🇧🇪 Luc Simons (11th) and 🇧🇪 Wesley Peinen (10th) finished their deep run in the MEC Poker Open Main Event and they all cashed €1.055.

Final table

Almost the first hand of the final table it was 🇳🇱  Joris Dirks who busted first (9th – €1.315). Not long after that 🇩🇪 Zoltan Kon came in 8th place (€1.670) and 🇵🇱 Mariusz Maicher ended 7th for €2.120. Not very much later was it 🇳🇱  Adriaan Quist who finished his tournament with a €2.814 cash (6th).

After a short break of 10 minutes the last 5 players went back to the table to battle for the first prize. After some play 🇳🇱 Johannes Maas was the one who finished 5th (€3.765).

Three way deal

When Nicky busted the last three players asked for ICM. After a little discussion they shook hands on a three way deal! But all three wanted to win the title so they started playing again for the trophy!

🇳🇱 Wouter de Graaf – €12.099
🇧🇪 Domien Deconinck – €10.364
🇧🇪 Patrick Jowa – €10.000

We got a winner! Domien Deconinck!

🇳🇱 Wouter de Graaf ended in third place and 🇧🇪 Patrick Jowa finished in second! So the winner of the MEC Poker Open Main Event October 2019 is 🇧🇪 Domien Deconinck! You can check out all results here!

€440,- Highroller

We had 32 entries in the MEC Poker Open Highroller.
The winner was Stan van Dijk!

€75,- Secret Bounty

The Secret Bounty had 126 entries. The same event last October was won by Vincent Calis who now ended heads up again! Unfortunate for him it was Alexander van der Swaluw who won the tournament this time!

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