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RECAP: Day 1A Main-Event

This edition of the MEC Poker Open has 3 starting days. Today it was time for day 1A and there were 66 entry’s. At the end of the day 10 players proceeded to day 2 and secured a mincash.

10 players made it to day 2

The players that made it to day 2 are secured of a place in the money. If you make it to day 2 you’ll get rewarded with a price. The first player to be eliminated was Ben Schot. He was soon followed by Hans Mark Viser. Both players did a re-entry and could start all over again. At day 1a we saw some familiair faces. Known under the Belgian players were Marc Hansens, Patrick Jowa and Xavier Charlier. Marc Hansens has almost $200.000 live earnings but couldn’t make it to day 2.

Xavier Charlier, the winner of the APAT Main-Event this year, was also seen at the tables. He got elimated at 33th place.Patirck Jowa also got elimated. He finished 31th.

Late registration was closed after the dinnerbreak

When the dinner break arrived there were 66 entry’s. Some big pokernames from Holland and Belgium were playing day 1A. From Holland we saw Jean Phillepe Schoonbrood with $327,228 live earnings, but he had only 12.400 chips left after the late registration ended. The chipleader was Arij van der Lee with 97.000 chips.
The adventure of Schoonbrood ended soon after the dinnerbreak. He lost all of his chips and was eliminated at the 45th place.

Final 2 tables

Around 12 o’ clock the last 2 tables were in play. The average stack was around 80 big blinds so all the players had plenty of space to make some moves or wait for some big hands. At the last 2 tables we saw Kristy Jonkergouw and Janneke van Veldhoven who both had a decent stack. Ben Schot, who was eliminated as the first player, had more luck with his second bullet. He made it to the last 2 tables and was sitting comfortable with his stack.

These are the players that made it to day 2:

1) Arij van der Lee – 392.000

2) Kristy Jonkergouw – 221.500

3) Stefan Bittger – 216.000

4) Kris Cooke – 187.500

5) Patrick Simon – 170.500

6) Guus Franssen – 162.000

7) Tim Verheyen – 154.000

8) Antonie Zom – 77.000

9) Anaël Vanorshoven – 39.500

10) Margaret Scharff – 30.000 

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